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Turnkey Decoration Projects.

For our special clients who like to be taken care of, we offer our turn key service, where we take care of your residence completely, from selecting furniture, lighting, decorations, appliances and electronics to coordinating installations and cleaning. Whether it’s for renting purpose or your own living pleasure, when we hand over the keys, your residence will be ready to live in.

Interior Space Distribution and Planning.

by using floor plan layouts we help you choose and distribute furniture maximizing space and functionality.
Perspective Views.  Creating perspective drawings which show specific views of an interior, illustrating furniture, color scheme, textures and materials.

Children and Teen Designs.

Using the child’s likings we develop a theme as inspiration to deliver a fun and learning environment.

Lighting Design.

Providing the right atmosphere for each area by selecting the types and appropriate placements for fixtures.

New Construction Planning.

Providing the right atmosphere for each area by selecting the types and appropriate placements for fixtures.


Creating a plan which will fulfill your needs and budget to execute your remodeling by stages or at once.

New Construction Inspection.

When a new project is delivered we visit the site to make sure design details and finish materials have been correctly installed.

Project Management.

By taking care of the scheduling, coordinating and inspecting jobs so that they are completed to satisfaction and in time.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Closet Designs.

Functional space planning and guidance for selecting appropriate materials, accessories, and lighting.

Custom Furniture and Built-ins.

When you need an ingenious solution to accommodate furniture in limited spaces or to meet your specific needs. Custom pieces can be a great option for their functionality, creative designs and variety of available materials.

Windows and Floor Coverings.

We can help select you select the right covering for your space, considering its use, durability and decoration purposes, also taking care of designing, fabrication and installation.

Color Consultation.

Selecting the right color for your ambiance may be more challenging than what you think. Colors affect our humor, work space, and set the tone to a room, they are also influenced by the type of light in the area.

Hourly Design Consultation.

Meet with a professional to make quick consultations for general ideas and decision making regarding your project.

Efficiency Analysis.

By analyzing furniture and space distribution, this service will improve the functionality and efficiency for your business.

Commercial Design.

We provide services for executive offices, medical facilities, retail stores, restaurants and bars, contemplating the full concept and needs of your business.

Hospitality Design.

With experience remodeling five star hotels and extensive library of hospitality furniture, bedding and decoration specifications, we are ready to create an ambiance for your lobby, rooms, restaurants, recreation areas, etc. to offer your guests a unique and pleasant.

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